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    Help Getinfo to grow!


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    Help Getinfo to grow!

    Post by Admin on Tue Sep 01, 2009 8:33 am

    This Thread is only for those who love getinfo forum and its users?

    ~!~ We need your individual and valuable support and help to make us grow ,
    there are many ways by which you can help us spreading the website, here are some.

    1. Invite your Messenger, Social networking sites and chating friends on MIG33 and on other sites to getinfo

    2. Set your email and Forum signatures [If you are active on any other forum] as the link of coolinfo.tk

    3. Set your messenger personal message as coolinfo.tk

    4. Mention coolinfo.tk in profile of your orkut and other social networking sites, or you can set your last name as "of coolinfo.tk" which will make your name appear as faheem @ coolinfo.tk

    5. Tell your friends and colleagues in college, university and office about coolinfo.tk and informations and new friends they can gain from here?

    6. If you have subscribed to Free sms and you have such friends
    who have interest in latest tricks and tech stuff then Send a group message
    to them informing about coolinfo Smile

    7. If you have any orkut community or have a SMSGUPSHUP, google channles, TAGG.in
    Sms group Then inform your users about coolinfo.tk

    In last we don't believe in spamming and bugging others with useless advertising, so please avoid this and advertise us Wisely Smile

    Thanks in advance for all who cares for us and will help us
    in growing


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    Re: Help Getinfo to grow!

    Post by lujinyu on Thu Sep 08, 2011 9:02 am

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