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    important Rulz B4 posting


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    important Rulz B4 posting Empty important Rulz B4 posting

    Post by Admin Tue Sep 01, 2009 8:12 am

    First of all your welcome here.

    All my friends are free to share there thoughts in any manner but as you all know that without some feasible rules nothing shall go fine so you have to follow some simple rules to fully enjoy your stay here.

    1~ Never use Crakz , Keyzen , Serialz etc. words in forum. instead ask for "FULL VERSION" or you can use @ instead a or hide your word with *.

    2~ Never post meaningless replies, Double replies or just smily in your reply to increase your posts.

    3~ I request all members that help us to make our forum clean not a flood of such useless replies. so whenever you found anyone posting useless replies or replies mean to increase post count then Report it by link "Report to moderator" below that post

    4~ Your SIGNATURES akka siggies are just a way to show your thoughts or to show your creations on web, Do not misuse it by adding huge images , Useless websites , Smileys only or anything that seems to be indecent . So use it only to convey your messages not to showoff.

    5~ You are free to use any language i.e. English , Hindi or your local lingo but English will be highly appreciated .

    6~ Think twice before Creating a new thread , Use search function if you think it could be already posted.

    7~ If you are going to post some trick then post only New and working tricks (Do not copy paste from other forums, If so then give credits to its actual owner) , Moreover if you are unsure about working of trick then post it first in Old and unconfirmed tricks Section, So that we can confirm it first. If its working we will move it to main
    section ourself Smile

    8~ Do not post any kind of PORN stuff in forum.

    9~ Never post your MOBILE NO. in Public. Use PM. feature if required For posting Email you can use image of your Email-id from
    Code: [Select] or use in this format admin [at] coolinfo [dot] tk (Just to save you all from spam)

    10~ Please use decent language. Do not abuse anyone in any manner and if you got irritation from any person then let me know about it and I'll do my work :DD

    11~ You can use Attachment feature but if you'll use other File hosting sites that allows direct linking then it will be much appreciated.

    12~Do not ask or request to click on thanks in your post, However you can use a universal Signatures stating something like "Hit thanks instead of posting thanks or if you like my posts" etc..

    13~All Replies and new topics posted in funny discussions & chats will be voluntary i.e. it will not increase your total posts.

    14~ Always use CODE TAG while posting outside URL's , links. I.e. [code ][/code ] (remove space)

    15~ there is no restrictions to Post rapidshare URL Smile
    you can post any Rapidshare URL of any file size but still if you use other
    Decent file hosting sites thtat do not irritate users then it would be better Very Happy

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