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    Tips for Optimisation of Laptop & how to increase Battery life.


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    Tips for Optimisation of Laptop & how to increase Battery life. Empty Tips for Optimisation of Laptop & how to increase Battery life.

    Post by Admin Tue Sep 01, 2009 9:30 am

    Laptop users are increasing day by day and despite there is no
    significant difference between output of a Laptop and Desktop computer
    still technology , working and tweaking is different in both.

    Most of the laptop users are unaware of this difference and they
    use there Laptop just as Desktop replacement and never care about
    Battery performance and durability of laptop battery because
    laptop batteries generally have a life of around 1000 recharge cycles.

    Generally most laptops claim to have 3-5 hours of battery life but in real it comes to 50% of the promised backup time because of many factors like heavy laptop usage while on battery backup, Using usb ports, CD/DVD drives etc.

    So i have Few usefull tips so that you can get fullest from your Lappy .

    ~!~ Use power management of your laptop which would make the computer to run at lower processor speeds when the power is down and automatically manage the complete system.

    ~!~ When you are using your laptop on battery make sure you set your display to lower brightness using the FN key combination (by pressing F7 [to decrese] ) coz it will increase battry life as Low brightness consumes less power.

    ~!~ Set Automatic Hibernate feature to make sure the laptop automatically saves all your running documents and applications and hibernates when you are not using the laptop for a given amount of time. A Feature which can save up your battery life when you are not using your laptop for a set specified time after which it automatically hibernates.

    ~!~ While on using laptop on battery avoid Using Speakers instead
    use Headphones.

    ~!~ Use Mute or Turn off Sound because even though you dont play any music/videos the laptop would make different kinds of sounds when you close/open any applications because of the sound scheme of O.S.

    ~!~ If you are using Windows Vista , Disable Aero Glass Feature. To do this right click on your desktop > preferances > View Colour > Appearance > Classic Appearance and Windows Basic graphical interface > ok , this way you can get the classic appearance which has less resource using features and helps you use less battery.


    ~!~ Multitasking and GAMING (3D) uses lots of battry so avoid them as much as you can whenyou are on battery.

    ~!~ DVD and CD rom uses unnecessary power even if they are not in use so make them off and donot put any Disk in them if not in use.
    [Better use Hardware profile according to situation]

    ~!~ keep your Laptop cool so that fan uses less power , Sometimes we used the laptop on beds and sofa, in such cases the heat re-circulated without finding an escape. Thus causing the laptop to extra heat up. Also avoid using your laptop in High temprature even if you are on Ac. power.

    ~!~ Defragment your hard disk drive regularly [once or Twice in a month]. If you dont defragement your hard disk then the laptop would have slow loading programs and frozen applications. Use NTFS as your File system as FAT takes 10 times more time than NTFS when it comes to fragmentation.

    ~!~ Keep you battry out from lappy once a week and keep it for 1 2 hours. Apart from it clean the battery contacts when you turn your battery out, you can use a cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol to clean the metal contacts.

    ~!~ Never let your battery to get compelety exhausted shutdown or Hibernate your laptop if battery comes below 20 %

    ~!~ Disable any connected USB Gadgets like external hard drives, pen drives etc because even though they are not in use, when they are connected they keep using your laptops battery via the USB 2.0 port.

    ~!~ Run low resource using applications like emails, documenting etc rather than playing games, DVD, running high resource using applications like adobe photoshop, 3Dmax, Visual Basic .net etc because when you run these kind of applications the laptop has to run on high resources and use more battery.

    ~!~ Never let your laptop left on always with Ac-charging. it heatups the battery and reduced the lasting capability.

    ~!~ Recharge your laptop only with original power cord/adapter provided by the laptop dealer and dont use any other local cord because they can decrease the life of your battery. Also use only Li-Ion based batteries because they have internal processors which controls the internal temperature to make sure the batteries dont get over heated/explode.

    ~!~ DO NOT BUY ANY LAPTOP WITH PREPACKED VISTA OR ANY PAID OS , Rather Buy a Linux or Dos based laptop , It would drasticaly Reduce yur cost and you can Configure your O.S. according to youe knowledge and needs.

    If you follow this precautions and tips then i am sure you would get 75 % more performance then what you are currently getting

    All Tips are mine nothing copied but yes i get hint from so many sources
    and developed them according to my thinking. Very Happy
    Reply if you like it or you have doubt in an tip?

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